How To Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

Are you interested in knowing how to migrate to the Airtel Smart Connect plan? Then let us tell you all about this idea and whether it is possible to migrate to it for existing users at all. You may be astonished when you learn this. Both existing and new Airtel customers should be able to use this strategy.

Airtel Nigeria, one of the country’s largest telecommunications services providers, is always at the forefront, ensuring that clients receive more than they deserve. You may take advantage of amazing data plans and tariff plans in addition to speedy internet access.

Airtel Nigeria provides a wide range of prepaid tariff options based on the customer’s need for more data, more voice calls, or even both data and voice calls. The smart connect tariff plan is one that comes standard with a new Airtel sim and provides benefits for both voice and broadband calls.

What Is Airtel Smart Connect All About?

Airtel smart connect is a prepaid plan that offers a 700 percent bonus on all recharges of N100 and above, i.e., the Smart Connect bonus would be applied to recharges of N100, N200, N500, and N1000. For those who switched to this tariff plan and also recharged, the incentive offer includes a voice and data bonus

Airtel Smart Connect Plan Advantages

  •  When compared to other airtel tariff plan smart connect plans call rates are lower.
  • The first 30-day migration to Airtel Smart connect is free.
  • Customers can migrate to the plan by using either USSD or SMS.
  • The Airtel smart connect pricing plan not only gives its users bonuses on every recharge but also gives them discounts.
  • You can enter up to ten numbers from your family and friends.
  • Every month at the end of the month, you will receive a data bonus based on your recharge for that month.
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Airtel Smart Connect Plan Bonus

You can get a 100 percent data bonus based on the value of your total recharges for the first three months of utilizing this plan.
Every recharge performed under the smart connect tariff plan includes bonuses for both voice calls and bonus data. This is without a doubt one of the most attractive Airtel rate plans available.

Airtel Smart Connect subscribers will receive a 700 percent extra on every recharge, equating to 8 times (x8) the amount of the primary balance, bonus voice, bonus data, bonus social, and bonus FAF ( family and friends).

For Example, a customer receives the following benefits when recharging on the tariff plan:
If you recharge for N100, you will receive the following:

N100 for the primary bonus; N250 for the voice bonus; N250 for the data bonus; N100 for the social bonus; N100 for the FAF bonus. In total, you would receive services worth N800 for every N100 recharge.
Customers can still get 6 times the value of their recharge after 90 days (3 months) in addition to the existing benefits.
Keep in mind that the bonus is only good for 7 days, but the Main Account Credit does not! The double data offer and 8X airtime bonus, however, are only valid for 90 days.


How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Plan

The first move within a month is free, however further migrations will cost N100.
Simply purchase a new Airtel SIM card and register it at any Airtel KYC registration center.
Insert the SIM card into your phone. Start receiving SmartCONNECT benefits by recharging.
For existing users, Send SMART to 311 to upgrade to Airtel smart connect
You will receive an immediate notification alerting you of the next step.
Dial *121*3*5# to see if you’ve been upgraded to Airtel smart connect. It will happen right away.

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What is smart connect, and how does it help you?
Answer: SmartCONNECT is a new PREPAID package that gives users 8x the value of every recharge.

What is the process for a customer to enroll in the plan?
Answer: Get a new SIM card, register it, put it in your phone, and recharge it to get 8 times the value of each N100 recharge.

What is the best way to check my balance?
Answer: *123# is the answer.

Is it possible for me to use my bonus to call ALL NETWORKS?
Answer: Yes, it is correct. A bonus can be used to purchase data and make calls to any network.


The Airtel smart connect tariff plan is a fantastic tariff plan from Airtel. It’s one of the most intriguing bundles currently available on the Airtel network. Hopefully, this article has taught you how to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect

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