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Top 10 Best University To Study Medicine in Nigeria

Today, We will look at the top best university to study medicine in Nigeria. Medicine is an extremely vital element of a man’s life, as well as a highly important part of Nigeria’s economy.

There are millions of individuals who require medical treatment on a regular basis and who require it quickly. The availability of doctors is determined by what medical institutions in the country can provide at any one time. There are a lot of universities that offer medical courses, but only a handful of them have truly immersed themselves in the discipline.

As a result, if you’re seeking the top best university to study medicine in Nigeria, this article provides it but in no particular order.

Time Required To Study Medicine at Nigeria University

In Nigeria, the standard Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program requires six (6) years to complete. A preclinical phase and a clinical phase are commonly divided into the years of medical school preceding graduate medical education.

It takes 12 months to complete preliminary basic sciences, 18 months to complete the Basic Medical Sciences preclinical program (which includes courses in human anatomy, medical biochemistry, and human physiology), and 42 months to complete the clinical study in the teaching hospital.

The MBBS program is moderated by a series of technical exams named first (for preclinical) and second, third, and fourth (during clinical years). The first MBBS technical test is the gateway to clinical programs for all medical students, regardless of their manner of entry.
As a result, it is a high-stakes test that serves as a potent extra selection force for good medical education in Nigerian medical schools.


Best University to Study Medicine in Nigeria

It is very important to choose a medical school with care, and precision and also have a thorough under the necessary fact and dates. This is due to the fact that not all medical schools are accredited. In no part ranking, the best university to study medicine are listed below;

 University of Ibadan, College of Medicine

The university of Ibadan popularly known as U.I was founded in 1948 and one of the first faculties established at this university was the Faculty of Medicine. This university is widely regarded as one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria.

This university offers a great career path for individuals interested in medicine. It has a lot of modern-day equipment for its students to practice and study with and is noted for its extensive medical curriculum.

There are four faculties in the College of Medicine, the University of Ibadan which includes; the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of basic medical science, the Faculty of public health, and the Faculty of medical/clinical sciences.

Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife

Obafemi Awolowo University located in the Southwestern region of Nigeria is one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria. The university is well-known for its excellent college hospital, which has a long history of treating unusual diseases and ailments that many people have given up on, and its medical facility is regarded as one of the best in the country.

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In addition, the university offers competitive and student-centered courses that have produced top medical professionals and is one of Nigeria’s approved medical colleges.

There are four faculties in the university: Faculty of Basic Medical science (Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Pharmacology, Medical Rehabilitation, Forensic Medicine, Nursing Science, etc. ), Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Public Health.

 University of Lagos, College of Medicine

Another best university to study medicine in Nigeria is the University of Lagos, College of Medicine, which is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria. Unilag college of medicine was established to create highly skilled medical personnel for the provision of specialized medical services and research into health-related issues. It also aspires to be a world-class medical school with a strong research focus.

The University of Lagos, college of medicine also has a fantastic medical program that assists medical students in achieving a top priority goal of becoming one of the greatest doctors in Nigeria and so far, this university has stayed on track and achieved this goal no matter what.

There are three faculty members at this school: Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of The Clinical Sciences Faculty, and Faculty of Dentistry.

The University also has a teaching hospital known as the Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM) for University of Lagos medical students. The college is housed within the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital’s framework. It was founded in 1999 under the leadership of Col. Mohammed Buba Marwa, who gave the Ayinke House structure to the School.

University of Ilorin, College of Medicine, Kwara State

The University of Ilorin, College of Medicine is located in the Southwestern region of Nigeria and is another best university to study medicine in Nigeria. The college has practically everything they need to make it a fantastic experience and also boasts of a well-functioning educational system that is both quick and efficient.

There are two faculties in this medical college: Basic Medical Science Faculty and Clinical Sciences Faculty. This college is responsible for the activities of the Faculty’s departments which includes; MBBS, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Hematology, Chemical Pathology & Immunology, Medical Microbiology& Parasitology, Pathology, and Medical Biochemistry.

University of Port Harcourt (Uniport)

The University of Port Harcourt popularly known as Uniport is one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria. Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The university which was established in 1975 and received university status in 1977 is known for having some of the best medical facilities among other universities in Nigeria and as such one of Nigeria’s leading medical colleges and approved medical schools.

The university is also known for its teaching hospital known as the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) which has been known for treating unusual diseases and ailments.

It has 3 Faculties which include the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, and Faculty of Basic medical science comprising different departments.

 Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Ahmadu Bello Institution (ABU) is a research university run by the federal government in Zaria, Kaduna State established on October 4, 1962. The institution is named after Alhaji Sir Ahmadu Bello, the first Premier of Northern Nigeria, and the Sardauna of Sokoto.

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The medical school first opened its doors in 1967 and because of its excellent college hospital, which has documentation of treated medical occurrences and ailments, this university has become one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria equipped to generate outstanding medical students. The University’s teaching hospital is one of Nigeria.

The college has 3 Faculties which include; the Medical Science Faculty, the Faculty of Dentistry, and the Faculty of Health Science and Technology.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Nnamdi Azikiwe founded this university located in the eastern region of Nigeria. It is considered one of the country’s first-generation universities. This university has facilities that focus on the continuous training of medical students, no matter how difficult it may be. It always strives to bring out the best in its medical students so that they can represent the university and the country in the world hence it is one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria.

UNN also features a highly excellent teaching hospital, as well as a high level of academic competition among high school students. There are now three faculties at this college which include the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (Human Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Physiology), Faculty of Dentistry, and Faculty of Health Sciences (Radiography, Nursing, Rehabilitation )

Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

This university, which is located in Edo State, is a top-rated university to study medicine in Nigeria. Ambrose Alli Institution (AAU) was established in 1981 by Professor Ambrose Folorunsho Alli (1979–1983), the then governor of Bendel State (now Edo and Delta States).

The university has provided the medical industry with the best group of doctors since its inception. It has two major Faculties which is the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Clinical Sciences. The college offers MBBS, B.Sc Medical Physiology, and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences degrees.

College of Health Science, Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU)

This is one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria’s approved reputation for excellence. The Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU) is a state-owned university in Nigeria, with its main campus in Abraka, Delta State, and two satellite campuses in Anwai, Asaba, and Oleh.

The medical school was founded immediately after the university was founded in 1992. It also has a teaching hospital well equipped with good facilities. It has two faculties: Basic medical science and Clinical science.

 Bayero University Kano (BUK) College of Health Sciences

Bayero Institution Kano is a Nigerian university that is located at Kano State. It was established in 1975. Bayero University College was renamed and promoted from university college to university. It is one of the greatest universities to study medicine since it offers well-equipped facilities and a conducive learning environment.

The college has four Faculties which include; the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of medical sciences, and Faculty of allied health sciences

Other best universities to study medicine in Nigeria include Niger Delta University ( NDU), University of Ebonyi, University of Calabar, University of Benin, The Medical School at the University of Jos, Usmanu Danfodio University, College of health science, Sokoto, Abia State University College of Medicine, Idi Araba College of Medicine, Kogi State University, Obalisi Olabanjo university, college of medicine, university of Maiduguri among others.

Wrap Up

It is important to choose a medical school with care. This is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make as an individual seeking admission to study medicine. Therefore, this article has provided us with the best university to study medicine in Nigeria.

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