How To Use Pregnancy Test Strip

How To Use Pregnancy Test Strip: 5 Easy Steps

The journey toward parenthood is filled with anticipation, and sometimes, it begins with a simple yet pivotal moment—taking a pregnancy test. And the best tool to take a pregnancy test is the pregnancy test strips.

Pregnancy test strips {a.k.a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)test strips} have become an integral part of many people’s lives, offering a private and immediate answer to one of life’s most profound questions. However, for those who have never used them before or are unsure about the process, taking that first step can be intimidating.

Whether you’re trying to conceive or the possibility of pregnancy has taken you by surprise, understanding how to use pregnancy test strips is essential, and in this guide, we will unravel the mystery surrounding pregnancy test strips and provide you with a clear, step-by-step roadmap for their usage.

From understanding the science behind these strips to interpreting the results, we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to navigate this pivotal moment in your life confidently.

So, whether you’re seeking confirmation of your pregnancy suspicions or embarking on a journey toward parenthood, this article is your trusted companion.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this informative journey together, and ensure that you know how to use pregnancy test strips effectively, accurately, and with peace of mind.

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How To Use Pregnancy Test Strip

There are numerous types of pregnancy tests available on the market. And if you’re a first-time user, it’s even more crucial to know how to use pregnancy test strips.

Follow these instructions to learn how to use pregnancy test strips to detect pregnancy;

Step 1: Get your Pregnancy Test Strips (HCG test strips)

The first step in how to use pregnancy test strips is to get the pregnancy test strip first.

You can get one from any pharmacy close to your location. Simply head on to the nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for a pregnancy test strip.

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Step 2: Get your urine sample

The pregnancy test strip will only be effective when you use it with your urine.

So, get a small container, head on to your washroom then get some of your urine inside the container. It is best if you do it in the morning, but you can do it any time you want.

Step 3: Dip the Pregnancy Test Strip inside the urine

After getting your urine sample, and your pregnancy test strip, you’re ready to get your results.

Remove the HCG test strips from the pouch and dip the strip into the urine through the arrow point. The correct way is to dip the side with the arrows into your container.

When performing this test, it is important to notice the place where the maximum depth is indicated and not to let the urine level rise above the maximum line; otherwise, the test will fail.

Step 4: Wait for 5 minutes

Once the sample has moved to the test window (it should be about 5 seconds), place the strip horizontally on a dry, clean surface that does not absorb liquids. The side that has markings should be facing up.

Wait for approximately 5 minutes. You can set a timer or just check your clock but make sure you wait up to 5 minutes maximum, then you can read the results.

You should take note of the time as the results might become invalid if you leave it exposed for too long so 5 minutes is perfect.

Step 5: Read the results

After waiting for 5 minutes, carry the HCG test strip and check for the results. 

Don’t be afraid if you notice a colored solution moving around the test strip. It’s bound to happen. You should be able to view your results clearly once the five minutes have elapsed.

And that’s how to use pregnancy test strips… Read on to learn how to read the results of a pregnancy test strip.

How To Read Pregnancy Test Strips Result

Now that the most difficult part is over, it is time to figure out how to understand the test results and know your fate.

There are three results you can end up with: Positive, Negative, and Invalid results. Let me explain them better…

Positive Result


If your test strip shows two colored lines (control and results lines), it means you are pregnant. The two lines indicate the presence of hCG in your body, indicating that you are pregnant.

Because hormone concentrations change at different stages of pregnancy, the color intensity of the lines may vary. And as your pregnancy keeps growing, your hormone levels will increase also.

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Negative Result

Negative pregnancy result

If your test strip only shows one line (the control line), it means you are not pregnant. It indicates that you have no hCG in your body.

If you have any doubts that you are pregnant despite the results, or if your menstruation is unusually late, try again in a week. If you still get a negative result, it indicates you are unlikely to be pregnant at that time. However, if your period still does not arrive, see your doctor.

Invalid Result

Invalid pregnancy test result

If the strip has no lines at all, or it only has the results line, this signifies that something has gone wrong. In this situation, you should re-dip the test strip into the container and repeat the method described above.

If it still does not work, it means the test is invalid. It would be best if you tried again the next day, but this time with a new strip.


How does pregnancy test strip show positive?

If the pregnancy test strip shows two lines after the test, it means you are positive (or should I say you’re pregnant).


When is the best time to use pregnancy test strip?

The best time to make use of the pregnancy test strip is one week after your missed period.

This means if you miss your period when it was supposed to come, count 5 – 7 days after then test yourself and you will get the most accurate results.

What does it mean when one line is faint on a pregnancy test?

If your test shows two lines and one of the lines is faint, it usually means that the hCG level is low. One of the reasons why the hCG levels may be low could be because you’re still very early into your pregnancy.

How can I use salt and urine to check if am pregnant?

Just mix your morning urine and salt in a clean basin and leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes.

If the mixture changes color and becomes milky or contains foam, it means the pregnancy test with salt is positive. If there is no change in color, it means you are not pregnant.

Why is my pregnancy test negative but no period?

If your pregnancy test results show negative and you don’t see your period, it means you could be under a lot of stress, or you might have an unnoticed medical problem, such as PCOS.

You should wait for about five days to one week after receiving a negative test result before taking another one. If you test negative a second time and still haven’t had your period, make an appointment with your doctor immediately.


In conclusion, following the proper procedures and understanding the science behind the pregnancy test strip is essential for accurate results.

We’ve taken you on a comprehensive journey through how to use pregnancy test strips, and with this knowledge in hand, you’re equipped to navigate the process confidently, ensuring that the use of pregnancy test strips serves as a reliable stepping stone on your path to parenthood.

Remember, a pregnancy test is just the beginning of a life-changing journey. We encourage you to seek medical advice and support as needed.

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