Jumia Affiliate Program Review: How To Make Steady Income With Jumia

Jumia is an award-winning eCommerce platform and obviously the most successful in Nigeria.  The company was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec in 2013. And since then Jumia has recorded a high success in its dealings with the African market.

Jumia launched its affiliate program to help reduce the cost of advertising and also provide a source of livelihood for users who are willing to drive in sales for them.

so, what is Jumia affiliate program and how does it work?

In this article, I would be doing  a review on how the Jumia affiliate program works and how you can make money from it.


What is Jumia Affilate Program?

Jumia Affiliates is a program that allows drive-in sales through your website, social media accounts in exchange for commissions of up to 13%  from Jumia.

Jumia affiliate programs give you all the Ad creative you need to excel, Having a wide range of banners and deep link generation which helps in qualitative reporting and analysis to help you optimize your campaign specifically for success.




How To Become An Affiliate Partner with Jumia.

Joining the Jumia affiliate program is easy and do not require much on your end.

  1. Visit the official Jumia affiliate program website.jumia affiliate program

2.Signup for an account by clicking the “register” button.

3. Fill in the form below accurate and proceed to click the Register button.

jumia affiliate register

4. Your application would be reviewed and an email would be sent to you.

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How To Create Your  Jumia Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are intrinsic when referring a user to a particular product on Jumia while tieing your unique affiliate code to it.  So commissions would be directed to your account.

  1. Login to you Jumia  affiliate account.

jumia affiliate program link building

2. Go to Link builder, select your destination country

3.Copy the Product link you intend to promote from Jumia,  and paste it  on the field thas says Jumia Url Page

4. An automatic generated URL would be at the right-hand field, click on copy. You can use that link to refer people to a particular product.


How To Promote Your  Jumia Affiliate Links.

#1. Niche Blog

This is the best way from my opinion to promote Jumia affiliate links is by having a niche blog. For example, if you run a tech blog, most of your users visiting your website would be searching on techy stuff on google to have landed on your website.

Thus promoting tech product to them would bring in sales.


#2.Facebook Groups

If you have large group followership on Facebook, you could promote Jumia product that would go down well with your group’s target audience, this is essential because, if you promote products that do not interest your target audience, they may probably leave your group.

For instance, it would make no sense promoting a product that depicted sexuality to a religious group on Facebook, this would be largely frowned at,  so always promote products that is in line with your niche.

 Jumia advertising ill Practices

Jumia frowns at some advertising means, below is a list of some  practice Jumia frowns at:

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1. Using voucher codes or coupon codes websites
2. Using any type of online paid ads, especially display or search pay-per-click
ads on major platforms like Facebook ads or Google display/search networks
3. Using Jumia brand name, or a variant or misspelling, in any domain name, subdomain
name, or in any username, group name, or another identifier on any social networking site
4. Using fraudulent methods such as pop-ups, pop-under, iframes, cookie
stuffing, and automatically opening Jumia pages
5. Trying to get advertising commissions on an order placed as an employee or
external sales agent of Jumia
6. Promoting inappropriate materials – eg. sexually explicit, violent,
libellous, defamatory, discriminatory, illegal
7. Violating intellectual property rights in any manner
8. Bidding on keywords (PPC) related to Jumia brand and any variant and misspelling by running
search engine marketing campaigns.

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Jumia Affiliate commissions

As of the time of writing this article, Here is the commission model of Jumia Nigeria.

Appliances 3%
Automotive & Motorcycles 3%
Beauty and Perfumes 7%
Books & Stationery 10%
Boy’s Clothing 12%
Cameras & Accessories 3%
Computing 3%
Events & tickets 4%
Girl’s Clothing 10%
Grocer’s Shop 7%
Games & Consoles 4%
Home 5%
Kids & Babies 5%
Men’s Accessories 10%
Men’s Clothing 9%
Men’s Shoes 10%
Phones 2%
Sports & Fitness 3%
Tablets & Accessories 3%
Tvs, Audio and Video 3%
Unisex Accessories 10%
Weddings 11%
Women’s Clothing 8%
Women’s Accessories 9%
Women’s Shoes 8%



Wrap Up

With over 100,000 products on its platform,. Its numerous product options have made it be ranked as number 28 most visited website. You can make an income by getting into their affiliate marketing program. You do not need too many requirements to start as an affiliate marketer with Jumia but it is necessary that you have a website. It gives you an upper hand over those that do not have.


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