how to disvirgin a girl without pain

How to Disvirgin A Girl Without Pain

To disvirgin a lady is engaging in vaginal penetration during sex with her, resulting in the hymen being broken. The majority of guys who have ever deflower a girl report the experience as stressful, with the girl groaning in pain throughout.

This is due to the fact that many of these males are inexperienced when it comes to breaking the hymen.You don’t have to make a girl lose her virginity in a horrific way; there is a certain way to break a girl’s virginity in such a way that she will love it with minimal pain.


Here are some rules on how to disvirgin a girl  With minimal Pain & Stress:

Do not try to force penetrative sex without her consent

You shouldn’t try to have penetrative sex with her until she expresses a true desire for it. When you’re sure she wants it, you can try “fooling around” with her to get her to a high level of sexual arousal and get her ready for various intimate sessions.

Also, avoid exposing yourself anyhow, as your excitement and dick size may frighten her. The sight of a large erect  penis is frightening to most ladies.

She may cancel at the sight, and even if she manages to continue with a scared mind, she will tighten, making the entire situation unpleasant.

Foreplay is A must

Foreplay normally comes before intercourse. Foreplay is used to increase sexual arousal and, in particular, to help women prepare their bodies for intercourse by boosting vaginal lubrication. There is a lot of caressing, kissing, and sharing fantasies in foreplay.
Remember that she’s a virgin, and your touch will cause her body and soul to vibrate. Give her a relaxing massage to make her feel special. Kiss and nibble on those adorable nipples. Play with her vagina at your leisure; it stimulates her. With your fingers, gently open her lips and lick her clitoris.

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Use vaginal Lubrication

She’s probably not as “ready” physically as she is emotionally if she’s not making her own lubricant. In the event that she is unable to create enough vaginal lubricant on her own, a vaginal lubricant may be required. Sexual arousal is aided by vaginal lubrication.

It prepares the vagina for penetration by making it simpler for the penis to enter and decreasing any friction or irritation that may occur.

It prepares the vaginal wall for penetration by making it easier for the penis to enter and reducing friction and irritation. It’s vital to have and apply lubricant when deflowering a girl.

Slow penetration

When you’re ready to have intercourse, do it slowly, even if she’s eager, it can take a few tries before you get penetration. Now is the time to place yourself between her legs carefully. Place your erect penis carefully between her vaginal lips and gently press in and out.

Even if you only go in an inch or less the first time, it is enough. Pull out and try again. Remember not to push it too hard. she’ll like the pressure of you gradually introducing yourself.
After 30 minutes of hard work, you’ll have a 59 percent chance of breaking through the HYMEN, which will cause her some slight discomfort.

Sometimes you might break it without even realizing it in some circumstances. However, blood will undoubtedly be present to demonstrate that she is a true virgin.

Use Protection

Lastly, it is advisable to use protection while having penetrative sex with a virgin because the first sperm in a lady can be very effective. Also, the girl should try to have sex again few more times in a short period to avoid future painful sex.

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If you don’t recall anything else I’ve said thus far, remember this: “Go slowly.” It could be the most basic piece of advice we can give to assist you to disvirgin a girl painlessly.

Remember to keep your attention on her during the session to ensure that she has a good time. She will always come back for more if she enjoys it.


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