Nigeria army ranks and salary

Nigeria Army Ranks and Salary

The Nigeria Army is a well-coordinated and well-armed force dedicated to fighting and defending the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Sections 217 to 220 of the 1999 Constitution define the function of the Nigerian Army. Rank, on the other hand, is a position in an organization that indicates the amount of power in order to facilitate group administration. The status or position of military personnel is indicated by rank in the armed forces. Field Marshal is the highest rank in the Nigerian Army.

Those of you who want to join the army should be aware of the many ranks available in the Nigerian army so that you can prepare for that function in the future. Others who are inquisitive about the Nigerian army salary by rank will have their curiosity met today. The training opportunities for the Nigerian military force, the structure of the Nigerian military force, and the sorts of officer positions in the Nigerian Army, as well as their salaries, Nigeria army ranks and salary, will be discussed in this piece. Let’s get started straight now.

Nigerian Army salary by ranks

Rank Salary
Field Marshal (5 stars) Nil
General (4 stars) ₦1.500,000.00
Lieutenant General (3 stars) ₦1.000,000.00
Major General (2 stars) ₦950,000
Brigadier General (1 star) ₦750,000
Colonel ₦550,000
Lieutenant Colonel ₦350,000
Major ₦300,000
Captain ₦220,000
Lieutenant ₦180,000
Second Lieutenant ₦120,000
Master Warrant Officer ₦90,000.00
Warrant Officer ₦80,000
Staff Sergeant ₦68,000
Sergeant ₦63,000
Corporal ₦58,000
Lance Corporal ₦55,000
Private ₦49,000
Recruit Not Available


Training Opportunities for the Nigerian Military Force

You already know that in order to gain expert skills and obtain suitable pay and promotions in any career, you need more training, and the Army is no exception.

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Nigerian troops are trained at three primary training centers in the country by the Nigerian Army. The Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Jaji, the Nigeria Defense Academy in Kaduna, and the National Defense College in Abuja are the institutions in question.


The Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji

This school serves as a training ground for members of the military, including the Navy, Air Force, and Army. It’s in the state of Jaji Kaduna. This school was founded in 1976. It follows the British Army’s curriculum.

Majors, Captains, and Non-Commissioned Officers, as well as their Air Force and Navy counterparts, are trained at the institution.


The Nigerian Defense Academy

The Nigerian Defense Academy, based in Kaduna, was established in 1964 to train cadet officers for the Nigerian armed forces, including the Navy and Airforce.

The school began offering undergraduate programs in 1985, and it now offers M.S.C. and P.H.D. degrees to both military and civilian students. The cadets will be trained as combatants over the course of five years, resulting in disciplined soldiers who will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and be commissioned as 2nd lieutenants.


The National Defense College (NDC)

The Nigerian Defense College (NDC) is the final institution for the military force that we will look at in this post to determine the Nigerian army salaries by level. The National Defense College was established in Abuja in 1992 with the goal of improving the competence of top military commanders and civilian professionals. It is the Nigerian Armed Forces’ primary military training facility.

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The nature of war, leadership, politics, ethics, peace and the use of force are all covered in the curriculum. The course lasts eleven months and is divided into three terms, with nine blocks of training.

Officers and select civilian professionals receive the highest level of military training at the National Defense College, enabling them to make judgments in a democratic system of government.

In addition, the school serves as a regional training facility for peacekeeping personnel in West Africa.

Types of Officers in the Nigeria Army

At this point, we’re on the verge of revealing the Nigerian army’s pay scales by rank.

The Nigerian Army split its soldiers into Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers, each with their own ranks and benefits. You must also complete the Nigerian Defense Academy to become a commissioned officer.

Non-Commissioned officers

Personnel who have not yet received a commission or other formal document indicating that they have been promoted to a commissioned rank.

The Nigerian Army has eight levels of non-commissioned officer ranks, which include:

  1. Master Warrant Officer
  2. Warrant Officer
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

Commissioned Officers

Those who have received a commission are referred to as commissioned officers. There are eleven levels of commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army.

In the Nigerian Army, however, there is no record of a Nigerian officer holding the rank of field marshal. As a result, no salary information for that position is available.

The following are the ranks of commissioned officers:

  1. Field Marshal.
  2. General.
  3. Lieutenant General.
  4. Major General.
  5. Brigadier General.
  6. Colonel.
  7. Lieutenant Colonel.
  8. Major.
  9. Captain.
  10. First Lieutenant.
  11. Second Lieutenant.


This article detailed the Nigerian army’s pay scales by rank. You learnt about military training opportunities, the military force’s structure, and the categories of positions available in the Army, as well as the salaries associated with each position.

The salary used to be a deterrent to entering the army, but that is no longer the case. You can count on a good wage and a reputable organization. Now is the time to apply to join the Army and begin your career.

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