Nigeria army ranks and salary

Nigeria Army Ranks and Salary

The Nigeria Army is a well-coordinated and well-armed force dedicated to fighting and defending the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Sections 217 to 220 of the 1999 Constitution define the function of the Nigerian Army. Rank, on the other hand, is a position in an organization…

Top 5 best hotel in nigeria

Top 5 Best Hotels in Nigeria

When we think of hotels, we usually think of relaxation, vacation, weekend getaways, or a general break from the daily grind. On a plus side, when we think of top hotels, we think of 24-hour room service, top-notch establishments, luxury stays, vacation destinations, anniversary celebrations,…

Top 10 best universities in Nigeria

Many prospective university students are unsure which university to apply to. That perplexity and quandary are understandable. Don’t worry; this post will teach you about Nigeria’s top ten universities. Although the Nigerian educational system has faced issues, there are some excellent schools within the sector….

best university to study medicineg in nigeria

List Of Federal Universities in Nigeria and Courses Offered

Are you looking for a list of Nigerian federal universities? This is a list of federal universities in Nigeria. Nigeria is organized into 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. In Nigeria, there are currently 49 federal universities. Nigerian Federal Universities in 2022/2023 List of…

southwest state

South West States In Nigeria And Their Land Mass

Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, and Osun are the six southwest states in Nigeria. Although multiple dialects exist even within the same state, it is mostly a Yoruba-speaking region. The Yoruba people are indigenous to Nigeria’s southwest states. In Nigeria, the rainy season (March to…