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Unlimited Earning With Streakk

A lot of news has been spreading across the internet recently on how people are making millions with cryptocurrency but the fascinating aspect is that many of those people making a big name probably have little or no idea of how the blockchain works.

Earning passive income from the internet these days can be done without stress and in this article, I will be showing you how people are making passive income with the help of Streakk. And don’t get scared because you don’t have to attend any classes to know how it works… Simply scroll down to get the full gist.

What is Streakk (STKK)?

Streakk is a completely decentralized network that gives users complete ownership of their keys and cryptocurrency – the platform allows users to earn without giving up custody of their cryptocurrency.

It provides a basic, user-friendly infrastructure that does not demand any technical skills in order to earn cryptocurrency. As a result, both experienced crypto investors and newcomers can easily generate passive money on Streakk.

Truly Decentralized

Streakk firmly believes in “Your Keys, Your Crypto” – and so never takes custody of your funds. So, you can stake your crypto with greater confidence, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Increased ROI
Streakk’s INC technology guarantees that a member’s crypto is only delegated to Validators providing the best rewards, resulting in a higher return on investment on your crypto holdings.

No Lock up
Streakk’s INC provides members with the flexibility to delegate or withdraw their funds anytime. You get to earn crypto for the time you stake your crypto.

Super Simple
Members don’t need any technical knowledge, simply holding crypto in the wallet earns them passive staking rewards.

How to Make Passive Income from Streakk

There are different ways whereby one can make money through Streakk like:

1.Purchacing  A Node and Earn weekly

Each user has the right to buy a “VIP account” in the program by purchasing any number of nodes (Streakk Node).

Depending on the price of the node, it increases the staking interest rate on our Streakk wallet for all cryptocurrencies for 7 consecutive years:

Shared Node – from $100 – gives an additional 2% per week to staking interest
Dedicated Node – from $5,000 – gives an additional 5% per week to staking interest
Dedicated Node Pro – from $25,000 – gives an additional 8%per week to staking interest.

Buy A Node Now

When you register and Purchase a node you can choose to get involve in streakk referral programs to even earn Massively

2.Using the Streakk wallet For Staking

You can therefore get an even higher staking interest rate for your cryptocurrencies. In the case of BTC, you can get a maximum of 7% per year, with ETH it is already 10% per year, etc.

streakk earning

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3.Buy STKK Coin

The Streakk token is another method to participate in Streakk and earn passive revenue (also called STKK COIN). This coin was established a few months ago at a price of $0.1, but it is now worth over $300.00 and is anticipated to hit $1,000 per coin in no time. You simply cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Aside from trading, one way people make money in the crypto space is by HODLing (storing their coin in either crypto exchanges or private decentralized wallets for an extended period of time), with the expectation that the prices of this coin will rise over time and they will be able to sell off their coins in profits.

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Other Benefits OF Streakk Node


In addition to increasing the staking interest rate when buying a Node, we get 3 additional benefits:


After purchasing a Node, you will receive STKK coins equivalent to the amount of the purchase, and it will be frozen for 100 weeks. The average price over the last 48 hours is used to calculate the number of STKK coins received. 

For example, if you purchase a Node worth $1000 and a STKK price of $100, you will receive 10 STKK coins, which you will be able to withdraw/sell/stake in less than two years.

You will receive 2% of the Node’s value per week for the first 100 weeks after purchasing it. So, if you spend $1,000 on a Node, you will earn $20 a week for less than two years. Withdrawal of funds is possible in the STREAK node from the amount of $ 50.

After purchasing Node, you have the opportunity to profit from an attractive affiliate program, which I will describe in more detail in a moment


Streakk is a genuinely decentralized network that gives users complete ownership over their crypto assets and keys.

The platform allows users to earn money without giving up control of their cryptocurrency.

It also provides a basic, user-friendly architecture that does not necessitate any technical skills in order to earn cryptocurrency. As a result, both experienced crypto investors and newcomers can easily generate passive money on Streakk.

With the Streakk project, more crypto investors will enter the field to take advantage of the ultra quick and safe crypto platform in order to maximize their return on investment.

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