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Betway Nigeria is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria


Every punter wants to risk some money in a promising platform that guarantees an investment return. It may not always be the case, especially when you do not choose a promising bookmaker. Betway is the one of the best betting sites in Nigeria  which have some many features and exciting bonuses.

Betway Registration

it is as easy as ABC to join Betway sport beting site. Additionally, it comes with a registration welcome bonus that keeps the client afloat.


The welcome bonus remains valid provided the client is newly registered.


The most amazing fact about Betway bookie is that each bettor who registers enjoys the bonus and can start making money immediately from the welcome bonus. It doesn’t get better than that. The bettor can decide to top up and place a common bet with the top up and bonus.

Are you new to the platform and would wish to make a start on making money? Do you miss seeing your favorite teams go head to head? At Betway, we have 1000 ways of winning! It all starts with the registration. Upon registration, you are spoilt for choices! Starting from soccer, casino, BetMyWay, promotions, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and most interestingly, the virtual bets. Betway is home to everybody.

Whether the passion is to learn how to risk and get returns or the motive is to invest a huge amount of money, the Betway bookmakers welcome all on board.

Betway Registration Bonus

To begin with, registration is only a click of a button away. Upon registration, you qualify for a 100% first deposit bonus.


This applies to new customers only and it gets better with time as you continue interacting with the system.


The maximum amount of deposit that can apply is NGN100,000.


This will guarantee a 100% bonus and the bonus secures your money significantly as you can back up your bet without risking huge sums of money.

With odds 3 or higher, the value of the first deposit can be wagered at least ten times. Betting does not get better than that.

The passionate punters will undoubtedly choose this option and consider regular betting on favorite sports across the board. It is arguably for this reason that Betway remains the fastest rowing betting platform across Europe.

The fanbase is ever-increasing, and the site comes with new interactive features that keep the customers at bay. Additionally, the site is easy to maneuver and comes with features that accommodate every new client.

Activation of the new registration bonus is equally easy and happens within a click of a button. It all starts with a first bet and the bonus bet is automatically placed for you. Once the bet is placed with the bonus fee awarded, the winning amount is credited to your account as soon as the bet wins. This slashes the chances of losing money and offers the punter a chance to bet and still retain the original amount deposited for betting.

The welcome bonus is surprisingly larger and better than usual. New customers across the globe qualify for the Betway bonus. However, betting in Nigeria is even merrier. Betway Nigeria has a great welcome bonus and all new customers from Nigeria stand a greater chance of enjoying the bonus and make good money without much risk.

It is not about how much you risk or is willing to lose, it is about how much returns you can obtain from the bonus awarded. In many cases, the bonus keeps the client afloat and there is no need to worry about the chances of losing money as the risk is well managed through the bonus awarded.

Betway betting markets and the quality of odds

The best thing about the Betway platform is that it comes with different sports markets that allow the punter to make the right decision on where and how to stake. Currently, the Betway bookmaker comes with 28 different sports markets and allows the punter to access all the markets with unlimited opportunities for making money.


The risk that comes with many markets entails a fact that the punter must understand the market behavior and be updated on the performance of different teams. Sometimes the prediction may not be always right.


However, the client must be aware of the best markets that will ensure less risk and guarantee potential returns.


Betway odds are the best in town as the platform ensures the most competitive chances, hence allowing the punters to take a wide range of risks and secure higher chances of returns. In such sports like hockey, rugby, and basketball, the odds keep the punter on the move and ensures high chances of return on investment.


Most punters focus on football odds and feel the odds are slightly lower. Due to the unending competition in football, the odds are slightly lower, true to the word. This does not mean there are no chances of making money when you place your bet on football however, there are many chances of making money with cumulative odds, especially if your analytical skills are acute.


Football is the most exciting and widely watched sport across the globe. This makes it merrier as there are many chances of knowing which teams make a killing without much analysis. Additionally, there are some teams with a certain consistency that make it much easier for the analysts.


Betway is a premier betting site that has stood the test of time, giving its users cutting-edge service and exact value for money invested.


The betway site comes with a combination of colours from green to black and white, making it much easier to locate the cleverly placed menus and tabs from the website.


Betway bookie has also come with a betting app that makes it more convenient for mobile users.

It is easy to understand the flow of the bets and keep up with the latest updates without much worrying about how to access a computer next door.


Undoubtedly, Betway registration and its bonus is an irresistible offer that guarantees higher returns and less risk when approached with the right strategy.